Sample Contract

Upon ordering a Palouse Dress Company dress you will be provided with a work contract to read and sign. The contract will resemble the text below but is subject to change depending on each individual order.



Dressmaker and Client Agreement

 AGREEMENT dates as of _________________ between _______________________, referred to as CLIENT, and Piper Gartner, referred to as DRESSMAKER.

 WHEREAS DRESSMAKER agrees to provide certain services to CLIENT and CLIENT agrees to compensate DRESSMAKER therefor all on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth below;

 NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and the covenants and conditions set forth below, CLIENT and DRESSMAKER agree as follows:


  • CLIENT herein contracts DRESSMAKER to design, draft, and construct a dress to CLIENT’S
  • CLIENT shall reasonably cooperate with DRESSMAKER in preparation of dress.
  • DRESSMAKER shall deliver said dress to the CLIENT via the United States Post Office Priority Mail at the expense of CLIENT.
  • CLIENT agrees to pay DRESSMAKER at the rate of $_____________
  • DRESSMAKER will commence the work once payment is received, and shall provide regular updates to the CLIENT, to establish an open and collaborative work relationship.
  • The project will advance as CLIENT provides correct measurements, fabric selections, and schedules the MOCK UP VIDEO CHAT in a timely manner.
  • DRESSMAKER will post progress photos of dresses on the social media platforms such as INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK and FACEBOOK under the name REVIVAL CUSTOM DRESSES. 
  • If CLIENT has any concerns with the progress of the dress they must contact DRESSMAKER immediately either via email or IG direct message.
  • CLIENT agrees that DRESSMAKER is creating a custom hand-made garment, as such it is likely to have construction details that give it charm and character, which is natural to any non-industrialized craft. Requests to ‘correct’ or ‘edit out’ these details will not be entertained.
  • DRESSMAKER reserves the right to photograph and share photographs of the dress either on a hanger, dress form, or model during and post construction for business purposes.
  • DRESSMAKER will provide CLIENT with a “MOCK-UP” bodice garment drafted from CLIENT’S unique measurements. This garment MUST NOT be copied and MUST be returned to DRESSMAKER after video chatting the fit. The pattern of the MOCK-UP and all patterns leading up to and including the final dress are the intellectual property of Palouse Dress Company and may never be copied or redistributed in any way. DRESSMAKER will pay for priority postage one way if CLIENT resides in the US. Any extra charges will be paid by the CLIENT. If CLIENT chooses to wave the mock up process, DRESSMAKER is not responsible for the final fit of the garment.
  • Throughout the duration of the contract, CLIENT and DRESSMAKER will engage in communication through email and/or IG direct messages and CLIENT must be REGULARLY checking inbox in case DRESSMAKER requires information to proceed with design, material acquisition, construction, etc.
  • If the final fit of the dress does not match with the fit of the mock up, and the measurements of the CLIENT have not changed, the DRESSMAKER will remedy these issues. CLIENT will mail the dress back to the DRESSMAKER. The DRESSMAKER will correct these issues and mail dress back.
  • Timelines vary, however DRESSMAKER will work in a timely manner, provide a general timeline upon request, and will give status updates.
  • DRESSMAKER does not offer any refunds or exchanges.
  • DRESSMAKER has the right to refuse service at any time.
  • CLIENT has ONE WEEK to address any fit or construction issues upon receipt of dress. DRESSMAKER will assess if these issues are within bounds of original agreement and will remedy any issues they deem reasonable.


 This is the entire agreement between parties, the terms of which may change or be modified if both parties agree to such in writing.

 Both CLIENT and DRESSMAKER accept to enter this agreement in good faith.