Palouse Dress Company Sewists

Meet Sam - Senior Sewist

My love of sewing started at the University of Idaho as a theatre major working in the costume shop. After graduating in 2017, I took over the role of costume director for Pullman Civic Theatre, where I've also had the opportunity to design, write, and direct. When I'm not sewing, I'm likely either working on various crafts and art projects, writing plays, or spending time outdoors in the beautiful Palouse.


Meet Aimee - Animal Maker

Hello, my name is Aimee Sayers. I’m a manager at Jo-Ann's and I also make stuffed animals for Palouse Dress Company. During my free time I enjoy playing board-games, as well as painting 3D printed miniatures and terrain, and spending quality time with my fiancé. I’m a novice at sewing, I've only completed a few projects rather intermittently in the past years. However, towards the end of last year I discovered the enjoyment of making stuffed animals, and therefore been sewing fairly consistently since. I also have a sweet, yet fiend-like, female cat who enjoys watching me sew, and will occasionally worm her way onto my lap and take a nap while I'm using the sewing machine.  


Meet Gene - Senior Sewist

My name is Gene, I am a senior at WSU studying Fashion Design and Merchandising. I have worked as a sewist for the better part of 10 years in various capacities. When I am not sewing up gorgeous Gunne Sax replicas for Palouse Dress Co. I am working on my own designs, finding ways to repair clothing, studying, playing with my ridiculously adorable pup (Seriously. So cute.) or planning my wedding. 


Michele Sanchez - Junior Sewist

Palouse Dress Company also has a student intern, Stone, and three long-distance sewists (who you will be meeting soon!)